2021: Words of the Year

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Daily Faith

Here we are in 2021…

I know we’re some days in so my “Happy New Year” greeting is a little late. But I seriously needed some time to recharge and adjust while getting into a new year. I can say that it’s been nice to take a small break from everything and just connect with God.

And let me to you…He’s been speaking and I’ve been listening. 

Words for 2021


Usually around the beginning of the year, I have word or scripture that carries me through or sets the theme for this year. Of course, if you follow my blog, last year’s word was “trust.” This year, I got a few words from God to get me through this year.

Yay me!

So here on the blog, I want to share some of the words that God gave me for this year. Maybe you can identify if you still don’t have one of your own.


I have a confession to make. I did some shrinking back and even did some running from the things that God has been calling me to do. It was because I thought I wasn’t enough or I felt like I had to be more than enough to do it. But God made it clear for me this year that it’s time to STOP running because He will be with me. I shouldn’t have to fear when He promises to be all that I need.

In 2021, God is commanding me FEAR LESS so I can be fearless.

Because in this moment and the plans that He has for me, there’s no time to walk in fear. Also, I could be holding up others blessings because of my act of disobedience and walking in fear. So, it’s time I get FEARLESS about walking in my calling and the things of God.


A really close friend of mine during a conversation last year likened me to an instrument that God needs to play but also fine tune. Here comes refinement for this year. Refinement. It sounds like a pretty word. But sometimes the process is anything but. Yet, I make myself available and ready in 2021.

God is preparing and making me more aware that there’s much more polishing that He’s going to have to within me this year to do His work. This will teach me how to trust Him even more than I did last year while still be able to effectively grow, mature, and leave the comfort zone of the past behind.

God wants me poised in polished with not only knowing the word but also applying it more in my life too. He’s also gearing me up to teach it too. I know it’s coming. I realize this will, at times, painfully stretch the limits and even test me to make me more like Him. However, God assures me that it will all be worth it when the final product (for that season) is complete.


This one is a BIG one for me. I can’t speak for everyone. But I’m pretty sure that all of us need to do some serious healing after the year we had previously. I know that 2020 has given me some intense challenges that happen to overlap into this year.

While God does want me to go to Him for physical healing, He also wants to heal my emotions, my mindsets, the spiritual wounds from the past. He wants to heal relationships within my family and others. God wants me to focus on being healed, made well, and whole in so many things. I do believe also He wants the same for you this year.

In regards to healing in 2021, I thought of this one scripture that I believe is for me and everyone this year:

“Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.” (3 John 1:2 NKJV)

I know that there’s a lot going on. Yes, even after a little more than a week of 2021, there’s still chaos. However, I believe that this year is ripe for us to find our healing. No, it won’t be easy but it will be something that will be needed. It’s time we become healed, well, and made whole in all things this year. And I want to focus on that.

Healing 2021

What word or scripture has God given you this year in 2021? If you don’t have one, no worries. There’s no law that says you have to. But if you don’t, what did resonate with you? Love to hear you thoughts.


  1. A Wise Woman In Progress

    I love your words for this year! And yes, I agree we could all use some healing! Praying for you as you move into the new year.

    • LindseyCapron

      Thank you so much for your prayers. YES!!! HEALING is a BIG one for everyone. We desperately need it. That’s going to be one of my main focus. I’m praying for you as well we venture into 2021. Blessings 🙏🏽💛


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