A Little Slice of Heaven

by | Sep 7, 2020 | Daily Faith

Outside on the porch, Donovan stands close beside me, arm around my waist. We’re silent as we look out onto the neighborhood street. The sky is darkened by storm clouds making its playlist of rain and thunder.

A slight, cooler than usual breeze drifts through the damp air. I silently thank God because it actually feels like fall for once here in South Florida. The air feels like it being purified and cleansed. Though the sky looks like chaos, it’s still peaceful. 

Rainy Day

Still staring out and enjoying the silence, our souls are still, minds at ease, and spirit filled. Nothing matters. Our major home repairs, bank accounts, car issues; none of it matters. In this moment, things feel PERFECT. Deep inside I form the words that I haven’t been able to say in a LONG time,

“It’s well with my soul right now.”

Moments like this may not seem like a big deal but I cherish every second of it. It’s a gift that God knew I needed.

Life lately has been extremely hectic for me and Donovan it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. I find myself asking God is that good thing after August feeling like the longest but shortest month. 

Between bills, busy work schedules, ministry, and a whole other laundry list to-do’s, we find ourselves trying to catch up with life as much as we possibly can. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with staying on top of things. However, I’m noticing lately that there are other important things slipping in between the cracks.

It’s those tiny simple pleasures that we take for granted. For me, it’s slow strolls around the neighborhood or the beach, the beauty of a flower, or a picturesque sunset. It’s those good, simple pleasures that are hidden in plain sight as the world is going a chaotic 500 miles an hour to self-destruction.

A devotional I read this week from Max Lucado call these moments “eternal instants.” According to Max, “eternal instants” (I’m explaining in my words) are moments in time that feel like they have no time. They’re sweet, simple moments that you know only God could’ve created.

You taste and savor this God-given, rarefied moment like the best decadent salted caramel chocolate cake ever. There’s no rush and you dare not interrupt or spoil the moment be it thought or word. You simply enjoy the taste of that eternal moment because you don’t know when the next one will come. In that moment, you’ll sing “It is well with my soul.”

I like to call it a “little slice of heaven.”

God's Beauty

Everyone I’m sure at one point in life has had one of those. With everything on lately, I know that moments like that may seem impossible to come by. However, God strategically places these “eternal instants” in our days to remind us that He loves us. I also firmly believe that He deems moments like this necessary for us as a lifeline of hope.

Ultimately, these “little slice of heaven” moments remind us that even in the midst of us watching our world have complete meltdown, things are okay. Things are going to be OKAY. God is STILL sovereign and King of the universe. 

It may be a scavenger hunt. But what “little slices of heaven” are you able to find in your life? Don’t miss out on them! God’s eternal beauty can still be found in the bedlam of earthbound brokenness.


    • LindseyCapron

      Awesome! I’ve noticed on your blogs how you have awesome pictures of nature. So much of God’s goodness can be found in nature 🙏🏽💗


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