Broken Heart to Beautiful Art

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Daily Faith

Staring at a stained glass window during a Sunday morning church service, God reminds me that there is nothing or no one TOO BROKEN for Him.

Stained glass windows are something of a fascination for me. The cut-up shards of glass create a masterpiece that is nothing short of spectacular.

When looking at a stained glass window from the inside of a building, I see the beauty in awkward shapes of brokenness. It often makes me wonder how these tiny, cut-up, broken, and often unwanted pieces can create something incredible.

Stained Glass Window inside the The View Church in Menifee, CA

In my 31 years of living, I’ve experienced my share of having my fragile heart feel like it’s broken into tiny, cut-up, and unwanted pieces. All the while, not knowing how or where the mending will happen or where to begin.

What I do know, at that moment, is that I have a BIG mess. And from the looks of it, my heart looks and feels broken beyond repair.

In some cases, my first inclination is to try to glue immediately the pieces of my broken heart myself. My “go-to glue” to cover the mess and pain (friends, food, Netflix, naps, sometimes wine, etc.) can only hold for so long before the problem becomes worse than before.

Finally, when I come to the end of myself, my temporary “go-to glue” stops holding, and life is fragmented, Jesus is there. He’s waiting and ready to take all that I have to make something glorious.

Of course, it would be a lot easier for me to go to Him from the jump. But if I can be honest, my “go-to glue” face value seems like a better and quicker solution with minimal pain.

Not everything quicker is better.

Some things require time and lots of it. I’m discovering that God does His VERY BEST work when He takes His time. (Hello? Humanity). Just like a stain glass window, those broken pieces in my life are strategically placed together to create a stunning design.

God’s task in reconstructing my broken heart with these sharp shards is painful, sacrificial, and trying. However, the outcome in His glory-light is a sight to behold. It almost seems unreal how He can take our disastrous heart and turn it into something delightful.

My threshold for pain isn’t the greatest. I know that in life, without a doubt, I’ll experience it. But while dealing with pain and trouble of this life, I can take comfort in knowing that my broken heart in Jesus’ Hands will make BEAUTIFUL art.


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