Demolishing Depression: My Journey To Healing and Deliverance

by | Jul 30, 2019 | Daily Faith

A breakthrough in my life has transpired, and I’m delighted about it. I regard it COLOSSAL after desiring this for so long.

Deliverance from depression took place for me recently, setting me mentally and emotionally FREE. *insert rejoicing and high praises to our God here*

The war on depression is a battle that has been raging on since I was fourteen years old. In 2009, a clinical diagnosis firmly fixed its official label on this war. Immediately, I would take on this name as part of my personality.

This “official” diagnosis made me assume that this was something that I would have to be stuck with for the remainder of my life. Also, it didn’t help to see other family members struggling with it at the same time as me.

When diagnosed, I presumed, “Oh, great! “Depression isn’t something that I fight with, but it’s also inherited. Oh well, I guess I have to remain with it.”

NOPE! NOT ANYMORE! I decided that ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH. It was time I stop running from deep, painful issues stemming from the depression. It was time to face and fight these strongholds that kept me emotionally bound. If the same God who can deliver others from slavery, illnesses, even sin, and death itself, He surely can free me too. Maybe it felt like a long shot, but I believe He could.

The Road to Deliverance

My deliverance didn’t take place in a church during night service. I didn’t have a plethora of ministers and elders encircling and praying for me. God would meet with me and my debilitating depression while laying in the middle of the living room’s cold, hard, tiled floor on a Saturday afternoon.

I recall it to be tense and profoundly emotional while spiritually and emotionally purging my heart out before God about the many toxic elements that had tormented me for years. For what seemed like an hour, maybe more, I released to Him ALL that I had. I withheld nothing from God.

I finally shattered my silence about the sexually traumatic incident that took place at fourteen years old. My heart poured about the betrayal, the rejection, and the emotional damage that it did.

I released the accumulated hurt, anger, unforgiveness, and fear of certain traumatic life events I’ve held near to myself over the years. Releasing was excruciating, but my spirit felt the weight of the heavy chains getting enormously lighter as the links began to break and unlock.

Next Stop: Healing

When everything was said and done, I did feel emotionally and physically depleted. However, there was this brilliant clarity in my spirit. I’m talking high definition 4K clarity. My soul felt as if it got deeply cleansed. I steadily started to feeling sounder, more peaceful, victorious.


The Goliath-sized issues that haunted me for years appeared tiny in God’s light. However, I knew that I wasn’t entirely out of the woods yet. I may have been set free, but the remnant of pain and wounds of the chains of depression remain. Healing needed to take place and take place immediately.

The Journey Begins

As I’m starting this new journey in healing, I’ve come to a few resolves so far about deliverance and healing.

TRUE deliverance from God comes by recognizing that we’re in bondage. Once we acknowledge that we’re in bondage and have the intense desire to be set free, God’s beautiful salvation can come.

Life shouldn’t stop at salvation as we continually need to remain close to God for continuous healing and to be kept from going back to what imprisoned us. Being rooted in God’s Word while He’s renewing your mind is ESSENTIAL.

I get it. It’s easy to go back. We run back to what we’re comfortable with, no matter how harmful it is or how long we’ve endured it. However, we need to move forward, even though the process is intense. Think of how much worse we’ll be off going backward than slowly progressing forward.

Since my deliverance, I’ve been even more intentional about how I proceed and progress with the healing that God is giving me. I have my good days and “other” days. But I am in a much better place of where I was previously.

I did have my reservations about sharing this. But I know that there’s at least one person who needs to know that deliverance is possible no matter what. PERIOD. If that’s you, decided that enough is enough and be delivered and set free in Jesus’ Name.


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