Exploring God’s Cadence In Creativity

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Daily Faith

One of the most fabulous gifts that I’m appreciative for from God is the gift of creativity. I love that I’m artistic. I happen to marry a man who’s also creative as well. It’s no secret that blogging, writing, and a little photography are how I best express my thoughts, feelings, and ideas, whereas Donovan shines most by composing, playing, and producing music. Gospel music is his specialty.

The concept of creativity is always a subject of curiosity to me. I’m continually surprised that the same creative power that God has is also what’s in us when He created man. It’s a gift that I don’t take lightly and am learning to appreciate this gift even more as a creative individual for God’s Kingdom.

In my journey as a Christian blogger, I’m also learning that there are rhythms to creativity. Believe it or not, the book of Genesis gives me a unique perspective of that. In the first two chapters in the book of Genesis, I see and read about all the majestic elements and creatures that God creates in six days (see Genesis1-2 for the complete story of His outstanding production). On the seventh day, God completes His divine design, calls the day blessed and rests. (Genesis 2:2-3)

Hmm, God Rests.

I love that the Bible highlights the need for rest *enters silent excitement here*. God rests not because He was tired but done creating.

One of the battles I sometimes endure as a creative for God is being subject to the concept of rest in creativity. I’m sure a few other creatives can attest to this. I’m a frail and fallen human thinking that I can be God and keep creating until kingdom come on my own if I desire.

I figure, “WHY NOT if God created me in His image.” While God could have made it this way, it was not His design. He deems it so that ALL CREATIVES NEED REST!

For me, as a blogger, I’ve discovered that a lot of my frustration, writer’s blocks, mediocre work and burnout comes from going against God’s cadence in creativity and not resting. For Him to get the very best out me and for me to FULLY enjoy doing His work, I must yield to Him entirely. I work and create when He says to but also know that there are importance and reasoning on taking a step back and resting.

The power to create I believe reveals the true essence of God’s genius in us. That power and process of creativity need to be respected. In creating, there’s a time to work and a time to rest. Each is both good especially when doing and completing God’s work.

When I’m receptive to God’s prompting of resting (whether I’m done creating, in the middle of it, or taking a break), God fills me back up with His greatness to do the good work He’s calling me to. In this, I learn how to take responsibility in cultivating and growing the creative gift He’s given me.

I guess that old saying is valid. A great gift comes with great responsibility. After all, we are created to create greatness. Let use and yield God-given creative gifts and use them wisely.


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