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by | Nov 8, 2019 | Daily Faith

Months leading up to my wedding, people frequently asked me, “Can you cook?” or “Are you a good cook?”

 After the questioning, they would follow up with the familiar adage saying, ” You know Lindsey, a way to man’s heart is through his stomach.”

 My response generally is to laugh sweetly and say, “Yes, I know how to cook… if I apply myself.”

 I’ll confess. My answers are with a touch of slight sarcasm sometimes. However, I’m stating facts. I don’t proclaim to be Gordon Ramsey or Top Chef, but I can cook. So far, I haven’t received any complaints, and Donovan LOVES food. 

 While the food I cook may be a temporary way to Donovan’s heart, I’m learning a profound secret that leads me to the richly blessed path of Donovan’s heart as we’re coming upon our second year of marriage. 

 This secret is often looked over by many couples (even Christians) but has the power to changes the dynamics and intimacy in any marriage.

 Prayer and fasting for and with my husband reach places in our hearts that not even the best food dish can reach. 

 When we pray and fast, we deny selfish desires to seek God for the greater good of our relationship with God and also our marriage. *Side note* Our denial also means abstinence from physical intimacy for a time (read 1 Corinthians 7:3-5 for context)

 In this time of consecration, fasting becomes more than just a restrictive diet. Prayer becomes more than a verbal transaction of words with our Creator. We’re seeking God to be one with Him and with each other spiritually. 

 As a result, God pours and serves out His love for my husband and me while feeding and filling us to the brim or more. 

 When our hearts are satisfied with God’s love, we’re able to love each other in our marriage efficiently. 

 And we know that God’s Love in marriage helps us make more love in marriage.


 I challenge married couples to fast and pray for their spouses. I know that it may seem like a hard and taboo sacrifice of time, energy, and food for your body.

However, in this sweet time of oneness and love shared between you, your spouse, and God, praying and fasting will be the most savory food your spirit will ever taste. 


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