Fruitful in the Famine

by | May 15, 2020 | Daily Faith, Lifestyle

I don’t really watch the news much. Especially during this time.

As of late, I’ve been doing my very best to limit the toxic and negative exposure to what the media says. However, I will read about what’s going on from time to time.

So far, the latest “buzz” I’ve been hearing is about is the meat plants shutting down creating a significant shortage across the board. On a few occasions, I’ve heard that the food chain is now “broken.”

Looking outside in my backyard, God shows me a different narrative. Around this time of year, I’m privy to witnessing abundance. Mango season is here once again. And our tree is showing no sign of shortage. Mangoes cover our massive backyard as more continue to fall.

Of course, mangoes are much different from meat. However, I’m always inspired and in awe of how God’s power can still do a mighty flex especially in a time of what looks like a shortage and famine.

It’s been raining mangoes for a few weeks. My husband and I have so MUCH of a surplus that we desperately trying to give them away to anyone who need or want them. Our fridge is FULL of bags of them. By the days end, at least 2 buckets are collected.

It’s truly incredible, a great reminder, and a blessing.

Abundant Fruit

Mango Mania! This are the mangoes that came from my backyard in one day.

I understand that this food shortage is real…but I also know that so it God. Without thinking, it’s easy to hear about the gloom and doom of what the media says about how we’re running of this or that.

I understand. It’s a scary and uncertain time with conflicting reports of how much resources we have. But take courage and have faith.

Whatever your needs are: food, money, shelter, rest, peace, comfort, and love, remember to go The Source who can provide it all. In a time where famine abounds, we can still be fruitful in God alone.




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