Hello April

by | Apr 2, 2020 | Daily Faith, Lifestyle

Hello April.


April is one of those months that’s always represent newness and life. There’s a freshness to April. Spring is starting to be in full effect. Flowers and leave sprout and bloom from once dead trees. We also celebrate and observe the death and resurrection of Jesus as He, by His spirit, continually comes to bring NEW life now.

However as of late, with the quarantine extended for what looks like until May 1st, life has looked nothing what this new month represents.

Last month was quite the eventful month, wasn’t it?

And I don’t mean in a good way. News of death, gloom and doom about the novel coronavirus filled the media around the clock. I know some of you have to be completely over it because I am.

Yet, with being in the four walls of my home day in and out, I’ve seen God be glorified bring new life in small and BIG ways for others, myself, and my family in March. It came in the form of deliverance, healing, reconciliation, and answered prayers. And, I’m MEGA thankful.

God can still bring do miracles and bring new life in the tight, small, and seemingly dead spaces. 

This month, I’m looking forward to God bringing newness and resurrection into my once dead career path by teaching me a new skill. Being a housewife is cool. But I sense my “Betty Draper” homemaking days may be coming to an end.

With the abundance of focused time of my hands, I plan to learn more about blog and web design. Virtually tuition-free (as an added bonus). I’m quickly discovering that it’s becoming a passion and dream of mine.

Two weeks before the shut down, I went to the library to check out 3 fairly large books about blog/web design. I wondered how I was going to have the time to read them with the way life was going on. However God, in His sovereignty, made sure I didn’t have to wonder anymore.

Blog Books

Though this social-distancing may seem like an inconvenience of life, this is a golden and ground floor opportunity to awaken and bring to life the dreams hidden and buried deep inside.

Isn’t God good?

I believe April is the perfect opportunity for God to bring new life, resurrection, and freshness into some areas of your life that you may think are dead. Maybe it’s lost dreams, unmet goals, strained relationships, or spending time in deepening your relationship with Christ Himself. Whatever it is, God is life and makes all thing new. With that, I say, Hello April.”

What are you believing for God to bring new, fresh life into this April?



  1. Becoming His Tapestry

    Great post, my friend. Truly there is a silver lining (blessing) in every perceived tragedy

    • LindseyCapron

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Brenda. My goal in this season is to find more of the silver linings in the midst of all this


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