How Can We Act Like the Church in Acts?

by | Oct 10, 2019 | Daily Faith

So far, in my four weeks of leadership in Bible study, I can say that it’s been an exciting adventure. The administrative work is becoming a little more bearable (praise God), but the lessons we’re learning are what makes it dynamic. 

 Fine combing through the beginning of the Act of the Apostles is eye-opening for me while going chapter by chapter, verse by verse.

 It’s fascinating to see how the church got its start as the Holy Spirit was poured out among ordinary people to preach God’s Word BOLDLY. 

 God’s Word didn’t reach a small ten or fifteen people. It reached THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS (Acts 2:41, 4:4). 

 As I read and study, I notice a scripture that while reading will get overlooked, but personally pierced my heart and made me think.

 “All the believers were of one heart and one soul, and no one said that what he possessed was his own. But to them, all things were in common.” (Acts 4:32 MEV)


 Imagine a church filled with believers being of one heart and one soul. They lovingly share their possessions, break bread together, and take care of one another. It’s like a big unit, like ONE BIG FAMILY. 

 Though they’re still sinners, the presence of God is so powerful that there’s not only love and reverence for God but love and respect one another. 

 Such a church existed and was experienced to tell about it. 

 After reading this, I can’t help but compare how the state of the church was like back then versus the church today. 

 More and more, I see how the church is dividing. We often argue over doctrine, “gray-area” sins, political standing, while dealing with corruption in the church. 

 We’ve somehow lost the reverence for the Holy Spirit and the heart for true fellowship. 

 It’s astonishing to see how lonely other believers are, even though they worship with other believers every single week or more. 

How can such a church like this exist in a world today?

 Reading and following the book of Acts gives us a blueprint of how the church is supposed to be. It’s a tried and true model of how it worked in the beginning and how it needs to work today. 

 The church can not and will not stand unless there is a submission, praise, love, and reverence for the Holy Spirit and His work. 

 Without it, it sets us up for unnecessary chaos and destruction, giving the enemy a foothold. 

Inviting in the presence of the Holy Spirit in the church and let Him ultimately have His way cultivates being in one heart and one spirit while BOLDLY proclaiming God’s Word. Additionally, this leads to church growth. 

 I know that there’s no such thing as a perfect church, and we will face opposition. It’s inevitable. However, we do serve a living and perfect God. To do miracles, signs, and wonders while being in one heart and soul through God’s power, let’s welcome Him in our churches with love, reverence, worship, and surrender. 


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