How The Unusual Became Useful: Our Prayer Chair

by | May 14, 2019 | Daily Faith

I’m often AMAZED at how the oddest or unwanted things in life end up serving greater meaning. In these moments I’m reminded that God DOES indeed have a sense of humor. Take this chair for instance.

I remember riding with my in-laws to a condo that belonged to a close friend of theirs. They were giving away furniture as they prepared to sell and relocate. Standing at the doorway in the near-empty condo, a loud and sort of ugly floral print chair grabbed my attention. Staring at the chair for a moment saying to myself, “THAT is the loudest and ugliest chair I’ve ever seen! I would NEVER put that in my house!”

As my in-laws and their friends were in deep conversation about what furniture to take, I decided to look around the rooms to see what furniture Donovan and I could use for our house. I didn’t see much. Ninety-five percent of furniture looked like it belongs on set in a low-budget 1970’s TV show. However, there was something about that chair in the living room that was drawing me.

Walking my way back to the silent living room, I leaned against the front door staring at the crazy looking floral print chair again. Yep, still ugly. Suddenly, my spirit was stirring about this chair. This chair was growing on me. I’m warming up to the chair.

“Sit in the chair and REST awhile,” I heard The Holy Spirit whisper.

Reluctantly, I sit. Much to my surprise, it was the warmest and most comfortable chair. Also, it was in fantastic condition. I didn’t want to get up. Sinking into the chair, I felt peace and REST.

“REST some more,” I heard The Holy Spirit say while still sitting.

I noticed a small and moderately worn Bible on a table next to the chair. Before I could pick up, my in-laws and their friends all stood near the front door staring me at with this wide smile.

In the awkward silence and slight embarrassment for my growing fondness of the chair, my father-in-law breaks the silence and says, “Sooooo, you like the chair after all. I knew it was a matter of time. Will you be taking it with you?”

Before I had time to say no because I’d already decided that there was NO WAY it was going in my house, “YES!” had already come out of my mouth.

HA! What do you know? I’m now the owner of this chair.

Bringing the chair home, I instinctively placed the chair in a particular spot in the living room. Of course, Donovan when coming home from work had a few jokes to share about it when he saw the wild looking chair. He jokingly asked if I stole this from the set of the show “Golden Girls.”

With all jokes aside, this chair in our home has quickly become a fond sentimental piece of furniture where my husband (YES, Donovan) and I come to meet and have personal, intimate time with God often. I read my devotionals in this chair while reflecting on God’s Word. Donovan uses it for worship as he plays his keyboard making his sweet melodies to God. Mostly, we use it for prayer.

While others have prayer closets or war rooms, we have our “prayer chair.”

Individually or collectively, we bring our silent or verbal prayers and petitions to God while having a comfortable place to sit. In this comfort, Donovan and I both agree that we find rest in this chair as we wait in expectation of what God will do regarding our prayers. It’s almost like our family alter.

The Bible wasn’t joking when Colossians 1:16 says “For in him [God] all things were created: things in heaven an on earth, visible, and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.”

I’m guessing this also includes this chair. It’s unique and useful as it’s a place of rest and getting closer to God. God made it. So we’re bound to love it. I know Donovan does. Maybe, even a little more than me.


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