In the Case of Faith… (Part 1)

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Daily Faith

And the apostles said to the Lord, “Increase our faith.” (Luke 17:5 NKJV)

I find this scripture to be a delightful request (as any good Christian would) but also a dangerous one. Jesus gives the apostles the answers to increased faith in the next verse. He makes it seem so simple. But as I study it, I realize it’s not for me.

This month, God is taking me on a journey to growing and increasing my faith through deep quality time and study of His word. This faith journey so far has been a blessed one but a challenging one. I’m learning to see things through the eyes of what’s not seen than what is.

I hadn’t planned on doing a series about faith. But there’s so much good stuff God is teaching me, it’s too good not to share. For the next blog post or two, I’ll be sharing some nuggets that God has been showing me about faith.

When it comes to increasing my faith, I discover that faith often defies logic. As humans, we are logical beings and often want things to be linear. Of course, God’s logic is definitely not the same thing as ours. But it is somehow linear (see Romans 8:28). Our finite minds can only get so much which is why we need faith.

In this case of this scripture, God delights in our requests like the apostles to increase our faith. The reason why I find this request to be dangerous is because the road to increasing our faith involves sacrifice to some degree.

Faith costs.

My faith has costed me friends, relationships and separation from some family members. I’ve also seen temporal and tangible things lost as well because of it. Faith costs so much that people even lose their lives because of it.

Have you ever had to give up something you deeply cherished because of faith?

Faith…Is It Worth It?

Yes, the losses were great and painful. But what I’ve gained from God was so much greater even though some didn’t seem like it at the time. My faith pushed me into the arms of God where I had to quickly learn how to deepen my trust in Him. While others were telling to be “logical” and “reasonable”, I was relying on The Lord.

God is Faithful

My increased faith has taught me to believe in the farfetched and impossible. The miracle, signs, and wonders in God’s Word and what I was able to experience for myself shocked me (because of God’s awesome power) but didn’t shock me as much because of my faith to believe.

Now, this is isn’t to say that I don’t wrestle with my faith from time to time. Because I DO. I’m still human. I have my doubts and questions with this need to still be logical and make everything make sense. I get discouraged and still feel like that little girl who questions everything.

I’ll have questions like, “Okay so…If God promised me “this” and I don’t see it, get it, or it doesn’t happen, what then?”

It’s a very tough resolve but I’ve come to this:

I’d much rather, in the midst of my disappointment, believe God, have faith in Him, and recognize His goodness even if things these things don’t happen instead of forfeiting and missing out on His goodness because of my lack of faith.

A Valid Case of Faith

Increasing my faith, as I stated before, is a dangerous prayer but a delightful one. It requires death to self, one’s self-indulgent logic, and maybe some relationships along the way. As I increase my faith, I have a greater capacity for God, my trust in Him, and the blessings that He has for me no matter how impossible or outlandish it may sound or look like.

Faith Moves Mountains


Faith doesn’t always have to make sense when God is in the middle of everything. But it does make sense to have faith.


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