Just Remember To Guard Your Heart

by | Nov 5, 2020 | Daily Faith

“Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it springs the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23 NKJV)

My dad and I have a solid relationship. Though it hadn’t always been that way, I thank God for what we have now. It’s better than ever. Our now fortified relationship has given us the ability to share more of our lives with a deeper understanding. The godly wisdom that he passes down to me somehow seems to stick even if it doesn’t in that exact moment.

Earlier this week, I had a phone conversation with him as it’s part of my weekly check-in with him. An agreement was made during the father-daughter dance at my wedding that we would call each other every week. No matter how far apart we are from each other.

During our conversation, we had a pretty lengthy discussion about marriage. Like me, he also celebrates his wedding anniversary in November. While chatting, I told my dad how I’m still thankful for helping me get the marriage I have now and helping me surviving the dating scene.

Trust me. His fatherly wisdom during my dating days were definitely MUCH NEEDED.

I still remember even now one of the golden words of wisdom my dad would say while I was dating. He would often say,

“Lindsey, remember guard your heart, baby girl.” 

Aww dad…

If I could be honest, my head had somewhat of an understanding of what he meant at the time. But, my spirit took some to time to catch up in comprehension.

The world has an interesting philosophy about romantic relationships. The rules of how to play the messy and complex secular “dating game” is one of danger. No matter how heart you try, you’ll inevitably end up getting hurt. Your heart or someone else’s will be severely broken.

For years, I thought guarding my heart meant not letting anyone in at all. To a degree, I find this to be true if the relationship isn’t serious. Of course, I feel it’s very important for one to establish boundaries, especially in romantic relationships. But in this particular case, that’s not exactly what’s happening here.

Guarding or keeping my heart meant not squandering my time, emotions, my body; essentially all of myself to someone who has no interest in investing into the relationship. 

This also meant not relying solely on my emotions when it comes to dealing with romantic relationships. Your emotions, which is tied to your heart, have a tendency to lie. It can’t be trusted because it’s deceitfully wicked (Jeremiah 17:9). Also, I’ve learned that what’s in your heart can and will reveal itself in the relationship.

Jeremiah 17:9

Back in 2015, I was in a “relationship” or as some would call it a “situation-ship” where guarding my heart sounded like a great idea but the strong feelings told me otherwise. I thought I would have control over my feelings. But they ended up getting the best of me and I ended up getting badly hurt.

It was a severely toxic relationship filled with emotional baggage, past hurts, and deep traumas while thinking that our strong feelings for each other was going to be our saving grace. We also thought that just because we are Christian and went to church faithfully, it should work out.

Needless, to say I was definitely fooled…

In the end of it all, it was two hearts. Badly damaged. One moved on rather quickly while the other was left to pick up the shattered pieces due to a reckless relationship.

If I had only truly guarded my heart like dad said…

Of course, the words of my earthly dad boomeranged around and it me like a rock. But so did my Heavenly Father’s words. Ironically enough, my dad’s words is an echo of God’s Word.

God took what guarding my heart meant another step further.

The safest and best place to have my heart kept is in God’s hands. 

Placing my heart in God’s hands ensures that I would be kept from the foolish dangers and blindspots of what I’m missing or failing to see and what my heart and emotions won’t tell me. Also, my heart would be safe guarded for the one who would want to invest and take care of it without any games being played.

Once I learned how to place my heart in God’s hands for safe keeping as a single woman, the issues of life and unnecessary drama were kept at bay. I also discovered that keeping or guarding my heart goes beyond relationships. It goes for all other aspects of our lives.

Whether you’re single, in a courtship, or married, all of our hearts are vulnerable to issues of life and it should be kept by God. 

Are you single or dating someone?

Take this life lesson from my pre-marriage/dating days and my earthly and Heavenly Father’s biblical wisdom. Before you go any further in that relationship or even begin to look, GUARD YOUR HEART and place it in God’s hands. It’s the safest place to be.

Guard Your Heart

And, when it’s time for marriage, the one God has for you will desire to help protect and guard your heart too.

In the meantime, I say to you lovingly as my dad said to me,

” Just remember to guard your heart.”


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