Mango Mania: Lessons In The Source Of Abundance

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Daily Faith

Its raining mangoes and they are EVERYWHERE!

These are the mangoes that Donovan collected just in ONE morning

As of late, Donovan and I pick up mangoes that fall from this newly discovered MASSIVE mango tree in the middle of our backyard almost every morning. Often when picking, I have this inside joke that I share with myself on how I feel like Eve with my Adam picking from the various trees in our garden.

The surplus of these fragrant mangoes that we’ve been receiving from the ground alone, two words come to mind every time: SUPPLY & ABUNDANCE! Interestingly, they seem to fall underneath the covering of leaves next to the trunk. We have so many plastic bags filled with mangoes that we can’t keep them in our refrigerator resulting in us giving them away to others with more still left over.

While enjoying this season of mango excess, I come to remembrance how our God is a God of eternal abundance. Marveling at the COLOSSAL, deep-rooted tree planted firmly in the ground, I think about how Jesus metaphorically is that immovable, steady tree eternally supplying us with all that we can think or imagine and much more. His blessings for us are so vast that we can be a blessing others too.

Often as Christians (I’m guilty of this too), we proclaim aloud that we have abundance in our lives but live as if our lives run on perpetual insufficiency. We either don’t fully understand the power of Jesus’ promised bounty. Or we completely forget or choose not to go to the source for all that we need altogether.

Standing directly above the tree touching the sky, you can see the numerous fruitage hanging from the tree. Some are hidden by the lush leaves or height of the tree while some you can visibly see. I look at these blessings hanging in the balance between heaven to earth for us to FREELY have. We never have to live in lack or insufficiency.

This is the infamous 30+ foot mango tree in our back yard

All we have to do is go to the source.

Unlike the massive mango tree, God is our constant source supplying us with continuous fresh, perfect, and new plentiful blessings that NEVER rot, decay, or run out. We also never receive His benefits having spoiled or decayed. It’s enough to bless us and others. There’s also a bonus: He doesn’t just provide it just for a season but promises to supply us for a LIFETIME!

By the way, when we receive an abundance from the Lord be it our time, talents, gifts, money, (even our mangoes), He doesn’t want us to hold it all for ourselves but to be a blessing to others. Its when we are a blessing to others that He can continue to be a blessing to us.

If it’s any spiritual reminder or lesson I can impart to you during this season of Mango Mania:

Keep yourselves close to the covering of Christ and close to the source as that is where your supply and great abundance is.

You NEVER need to live life in lack or want. After all, Jesus proclaimed that He came to give life and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY (John 10:10).

Go forth and walk and live in your promised abundance.


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