Martha, Martha: When Time Becomes Your Taskmaster

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Daily Faith

Time management is one of the skills I continually attempt to sharpen in the adulting journey. It’s been a hectic few weeks for both Donovan and me.

Once the alarm goes off, we’re off doing things that require our immediate attention. Interestingly, they all happen to start early in the morning.

I’m a creature of habit and routine. Regularly before the day starts, I like to sit down (whether in bed or my loved prayer chair), study my devotionals, and have quiet time in prayer. But when life demands my pressing time and flexibility with my schedule, quiet time with Jesus is thrown in the backseat.

To make matters worse, I vigorously take on the day thinking, “Oh yeah, I got this. BRING IT!” Between the busyness (depending on how heavy the demand) I find myself becoming overwhelmed, frustrated, and stressed out as more demands stack up.

While my mind is in sensory overload, taking time out to STOP and pray isn’t even on the agenda. If it is, it’s my last resort. Time eats away at my day as I focus on the commands of the world instead of focusing on what truly important: God.

Yesterday morning, while having a small moment with God, my heart received a little bit of adjustment regarding my attention to time.

I never viewed it from this standpoint, but time can be an idol. I know. Like me, you’re probably wondering how. We live in a busy and efficient world. Somehow, we pride ourselves on that believing MORE in our activities is better.

Can we schedule one or two more meetings our jam-packed schedule for the day? Sure, why not. How about fitting another activity or commitment that occupies our time?

Yeah, let’s do it. LET’S DO IT ALL!!!

I’ve recognized that this isn’t limited to the people of the secular world but Christians as well. Those who proclaim that God is head over their lives somehow step to the tempo of the world’s time. In the process, you create a burned-out, disgruntled Christian.

God makes an example of time management in Luke 10:38-42 with two sisters, Mary and Martha. Mary’s heart, time, and focus are on Jesus’ while Martha is a having a field day in the kitchen frustrated and distracted with MUCH serving.

In her frustration in trying to meet the demands in a certain amount of time, she gets mad demanding that Mary help her. UH OH! It seems like the “much” serving was a little too much for Ms. Martha. As Jesus speaks to her, He speaks to me:

“Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:41-42)

I would imagine that Mary isn’t lazy even though Martha did make her look like it. Jesus said that Mary has chosen what was NEEDED. Before I do much serving like Martha, work, activities, or meet the world’s time table, I need to choose the good part. I need to STOP and get in God’s presence because it’s required.

When my heart is focused and fixed on seeking and spending time with Jesus, the world will need to cater to His tempo. God will become the loving Master of time instead of time being a harsh taskmaster to me.

Seeking God helps to keep my priorities, heart, and focus in order instead of wasting my time frazzled doing more while getting nowhere. Making time with God even in the middle of my hectic schedule should be priority number one and also a delight to do.

There’s still quite a bit more do this week. Although it may seem like an inconvenience in my frenzied calendar, seeking God does miracles. Clearing our schedules and time for God makes room for God to reclaim our time from bitterly busy to positively productive.


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