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by | May 19, 2020 | Daily Faith

I have this theory as a former ballerina that there are “good” mirrors in ballet studio.

Trust me. I’m not the only one as I know there are few other bun heads who can attest to this theory.

Mirrors in ballet class are used to show the good, bad, and horrible of a dancer. If you have horrible posture, improper arm position, or non-pointed feet, you’ll see it and the instructor will too. They show everything.

Yet, there are certain mirror panels that seem a little more flattering. We consider those the “good” ones. Legs and feet look longer. Some will even have you look leaner, more thin compared to the other mirror panels. However, it’s only a nice illusion to how you really look.

All in all, a mirror shows who you are on the outside. They show what looks great and what’s not. Mirrors can be slightly deceptive. But more so brutally honest.

In my quiet time with God, I’m realizing that no mirror in the world can match the REAL, RAW honest truth of God’s word.

The Bible takes a bigger step further than an external reflective glass. God’s word reflects and reveals what’s truly inside of us and why we’re a certain way on the outside.

There’s no room for flattery or deception in the Bible. It’s tells the truth, the WHOLE truth, and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. Good, bad, and scary ugly.

mirror to the spirit

As of late, God has been dealing about certain attributes that seriously need changing. What’s interesting is that this entire time I thought I didn’t have a problem. In some cases, I thought it was other people, things, or circumstance. God showed me that it was me all along.

Taking a look into the spirit’s mirror, I saw the ugly truth about myself and the things I can no longer hide.

God’s word revealed that I’m a lot more selfish than I realize. My level of compassion is not quite there. My thoughts often turn real negative real quick. I lack self-control with my emotions. 

Is That Really Me?

Of course, I was thinking to myself, “There’s NO WAY that can be me. Listen! I have compassion, okay? Well, kinda. OH, COME ON! I’m not THAT selfish…am I?”

But like Willy Wonka once said, “It’s all there. Black and white. Clear as crystal.” 


Let’s get real for a moment: Whether you’re a believer in Christ or not, NO ONE likes looking at their real sinful self. Why would we? Because it shows the devastating damage of how sin marred our once perfect and pure nature to a fallen and dangerously corrupt one.

Naturally, we also feel it’s better for us to be ignorant about our sin and pretend it’s not there than to face the cold hard truth about it. It’s easier that way. Little risk, minimal pain, no repentance.

I would expect this narrative and mindset with believers. But somehow this thinking is slowly infiltrating the church causing our sin and shortcomings that’s hasn’t been dealt with to affect others in the body.

We don’t want to be a terrible reflection of what the church is supposed to be, right? 

Please NOTE: This also includes looking into those “deceptively ‘good’ mirrors” (people who choose to placate your hurtful flaws or lie and say that you look okay inside or when you’re not).

God and His word will NEVER lie. His word is used to reveal the hidden thoughts, intentions, and attitudes of the heart (Hebrews 4:12). What we do on the outside reflects what’s already in.

Face to Face

I don’t like to do it and I can’t stand looking at it. But I have to agree with God on these not so cute attributes that I have. He sees the entirety of who am I. And I have some MAJOR work to do. The only way to fix this is to repent and submit these attributes to Him in order to be changed, to be correct, and to look more like Christ.

This process will definitely take awhile. I know. And I know that I won’t always do things perfectly. But I’m willing to try.

The more I keep looking to God, the more I can change in what I’m designed to be looking. Maybe, I won’t enjoy the look at first. It may look a little unflattering but I know it will be eternally for the better.

Looking into the mirror through the eyes of Christ into our spirit is always uncomfortable. It’s even downright painful. Yet, I thank God, in His grace and mercy, that He doesn’t look at just our flaws. He also views us in the eyes of what we’ll be in eternity simultaneously. We may not see but God does (I Corinthians 13:12). 

In no way am I perfect. However, I want my spirit to look better than it was found post-fall. God coming back for His church without spot or wrinkle. How horrible would it be if He had to ask us upon His return, “Have you looked in the mirror lately?” 



  1. Becoming His Tapestry

    Amen and amen 🙏🏽 May we continue to look more like Christ because we are certainly not good people

    • LindseyCapron



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