More Than Just A Modern-Day Housewife

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Daily Faith, Lifestyle

Being a “housewife” or “homemaker” I believe is a divine call. I say it’s a calling because not everyone is fit for it. Honestly, I didn’t think it was a fit for me as a woman who has always fully embraced the “working woman” empowerment. However, after ten years working as a pharmacy technician in corporate America, God sees fit for me to be one as I approach my second year into it.

While I deeply admire housewives, being one was at the bottom of my list growing up. Honestly (as ignorant as this sounds) I thought to be a housewife meant constant cooking, cleaning and doing mundane things that get taken for granted without pay. So you can imagine my surprise, confusion, frustration, and disappointment when God specifically calls me to stop my search in employment to be a housewife after two months of marriage and relocation.

I would be lying if I said that I fully embraced this calling initially after giving God my reluctant, “yes”. The frightening thoughts of not making any money, not having health insurance, and being behind on bills served as a hot and ready driving force to fight God on this calling He had for me.

“Great,” I thought. “From doing exceptionally well in pharmacy work, my life has now been reduced to just a modern-day housewife.”

Little did I know that in God’s infinite wisdom, He had a much bigger plan and purpose for me in this call to homemaking. This would be bigger than any large paycheck or a work promotion. As I keep in step with God trusting that He would guide me in this calling, He starts to reveal a little more of the greater purpose and plans for my life.

Ephesian 2:10 reminds me that everyone has a calling especially believers. Whether or not we’re paid, we still have a one and it’s vitally important no matter how tedious or small it is.

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

(Ephesians 2:10 NLT)

This scripture makes me stop and evaluate my calling as a housewife in a heavenly perspective while adjusting my attitude. My sweeping, mopping, cooking, sewing, and domestic work (though often feels mundane) is NOT in vain. While God is working in and through me, He’s creating His masterpiece in this calling.

One of the BIGGEST lessons I’m learning in the calling of homemaking is doing the work with gladness and with the right heart posture. I am to give God glory and my best effort in these activities as God gives me His (1 Cor. 10:31).

My attitude in my calling can make a positive or negative impact reflecting who God is and His greatness to others and my future.

With this in mind, I realize that I’m not “just a modern-day housewife” but I’m so much MORE. I’m being created into a masterpiece while doing God’s good work. My swept and mopped floors whispers of stewardship of our home. My cooking represents love, nourishment, and provision. My domestic work fosters a clean, warm, and safe space for my husband to relax and feel at ease after a crazy day at work.

Who knows, just maybe what I’m called to do today can help and encourage another newlywed homemaker who feels her work is good for nothing. Titles in our calling can often mean nothing. It is what we do and how we walk in our calling that God has given that makes us so much more.

What is God calling you to? How can you give God glory in it? Love to hear your thoughts. Comment below. 


  1. monicatheophilus

    I love how you have learned to embrace your calling to be a housewife and that you see how it serves as a great purpose. I’m not married yet but I also thought the same, that it only had to do with cooking and cleaning, so thank you for sharing and clarifying that up for me. I learned something new that I can take into marriage. I just absolutely love your writing style, your awesome titles and pictures! You are fabulous.

    God is calling me to be a writer. I always thought of it as a gift, but now I know it’s my calling.

    Looking forward to your next post ♥️

    • LindseyCapron

      Embracing the call of a housewife wasn’t exactly easy especially when I’ve been my own breadwinner, having a respectable career in pharmacy for 10 years which is what’s championed in our extreme feminist western society.
      Homemaking is not just about cooking and cleaning but an purposeful and spiritual art form I’m realizing. In homemaking, you have the power to create an atmosphere for you and your husband (when you’re married). It’s like creation in Genesis (so God was a homemaker too lol).

      Thank you so much for reading the blog and your words of encouragement. The writing style, pictures, and everything is all God. He gives me the tools and wisdom to do all this stuff because I wouldn’t know what to do lol.

      I’m so glad and excited that God revealed your calling. Now, we just got to continue to walk faithfully in it. God gives gifts but He can also use your gifts to Segway into your calling(s).

      • monicatheophilus

        Amen! to creating an atmosphere for you and your husband of peace and love. Yes he so does! God is so strategic.

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