My TOP 3 Favorite Christmas Traditions

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Growing up, I had some of the best holiday traditions. Some were quirky and fun. Other traditions were sweet and sentimental. I always loved that my Christmas traditions were unique. Some may seem similar to other families. But there was just this special sparkle that our family had. Best of all, it created awesome memories that keeps us all excited for next year.

Some of the traditions that I had growing have either stopped or changed since I moved away from home and got married. But, there’s some that I’ve implemented in my marriage. In the spirit of Christmas, I’d love to share my TOP 3 treasured Christmas traditions from the past and in the present.

The Christmas Pageant

This is a new tradition that I’ve seem to adopt since getting married. Every year around this time, my husband’s family goes to this massive Cathedral in the metro downtown area to watch the reenactment of the nativity scene.

Now, this isn’t your ordinary church Christmas play with just kids dressed up as Bible characters. This pageant is more of a professional theatrical production. I’m talking a live orchestra, pyrotechnics, even exotic animals like camels and a donkey.

Sure, it may sound a little over the top. But what makes it a treasure is that they try to stay true to the biblical essence of Christ coming into the world. It’s also beautiful to see others who have never heard or seen the Advent story give their life to Christ.

This year’s tradition of going was cancelled due to the pandemic this year. However, I can say that it’s a treasured tradition because of the hope and brings and the eternal gift that goes a long with it.

Holiday Decorating

I make a pretty big deal out of this one. Decorating for the holidays has been my thing since I was a pre-teen. I’ve always championed the cause to fill the house will Christmas cheer. Sometimes, I would even go to others’ houses to help decorate. I’ve done it consistently every year.

Christmas Tree

One of the things I love about this tradition is the unity and joy it brings in my family and with friends. Everyone would pitch in and be tasked with something. I would have someone responsible for testing lights, checking for broken ornaments. It never fails but every year holiday decorating ALWAYS turns into a little party. There’s food (usually pizza), music, laughing, and dancing. What should be a 2 hour event turns into a HOURS.

This is a treasured tradition of mine because it seems like no matter what day, month, or year someone had, there’s time to deeply connect, collaborate, and spread some joy with the one you love. Also the pictures, videos, and memories made are PRICELESS.

The “Chocolate Chip Cookie Video Game Pajama Jamboree”

Try saying this phrase 5 times fast…

This Christmas tradition is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. My parents started this tradition back in Christmas 1995 and it caught on like WILDFIRE with me and my siblings. In fact, I love this tradition so much that I’ve kept it and now my husband adopts it.

On Christmas Eve morning, the entire family would stay home and help make an excess of chocolate chip cookies. After dinner, everyone changes in their new pajamas, gathers around the tv, eats cookies, and play all the classic video games all night long.

Overtime, my parents got more enjoyment eating cookies and spectating the video game playing in their pajamas than actually playing. But for me and my siblings, it’s STILL an awesome way for us to bond and actually have a healthy sibling rivalry for once out of the 365 days.

Now, Donovan and I enjoy this tradition in our home. While we cut back on the excess of cookies, we still have a fantastic time every Christmas Eve at our house staying up all night playing the video game classics. We even get our nephew involved who thinks it’s the best tradition ever.

Of course, there are so many other traditions that I share with you. But these traditions are the ones that have always stuck out to me and still do. They are classic treasured holiday traditions that always have a spot in my heart.

What are some Christmas traditions that you have or used to do? I love to hear them.

Collect Moments Not Things

Whether your traditions are sweet and sentimental, quirky and fun, quiet and peaceful I want to wish you and you family a blessed and Merry Christmas.




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    Blessed and Merry Christmas to you and family!🎄🎄

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      Thank you so much. Blessed and Merry Christmas to you and your family as well 🎄🙏🏽❤️


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