My Undivided Heart’s Attention

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Daily Faith

King Solomon in the Bible is someone who’s become a HUGE interest to me. Since learning more in-depth about him in my intensive Bible study over the past few weeks, I’m discovering things about him that I never knew or forgot.

The man had it going on. He was wealthier than Bill Gates or any of the richest today. He was exceptionally wise as a prominent king. I didn’t know this, but he was also a worship leader. Someone say Top 40 on the Old Testament playlist! Solomon had it ALL with God on his side.

But there was one fatal problem he had. At first, it seemed small. Not so much of a big deal but it carried SERIOUS generational consequences.

Solomon’s heart became divided and drifted so FAR from God.

Diving deep into the story of the king who almost had the world at his feet while falling from grace a little because of a divided heart from God breaks mine. I look at two sides of a story discovering the truth. God wanted to hold first place in Solomon’s heart. He even graciously warned Solomon TWICE what would happen if he didn’t (1 Kings 6:11-13, 9:3-9) but other personal desires were inticing Solomon’s heart to where he went after them.

As idol alters went up, time for worshipping the Lord in truth went all the way down.
I would be lying if I said that I didn’t identify with Solomon and what he did. But at the same time, I can feel the painful heartfelt plea that God made for Solomon’s heart. God wasn’t just pleading for a piece or half of Solomon’s heart. He wanted to take up full residency like He did his father, David.

As Solomon’s heart drifted farther from God, God still blessed Solomon but pronounced judgment for his future generations leaving a faithful remnant as He said He would (1 Kings 11:6-13). It was a bittersweet gracious, fair judgment as God proffered His heart to Solomon even after.

After reading this, the conviction on my spirit was so heavy that I knew that I had to whip my heart into shape. Solomon’s story became personal to me because it made me do a thorough check to see if there are any idols taking residence in my heart. If there is, what are they because they need to be exposed and dealt with quickly.

I’ll be straightforward and say that often my desires of how I think my life should go versus God’s will, substantial worries and concerns, and other distractions have taken residence in my heart. God has made it clear that there should be NO other god before Him (Exodus 20:3, Isaiah 45:5-6). He has given His heart and presence to me. Therefore, I should give my WHOLE everything to God.

I won’t have the ability to serve, worship and obey God lovingly and freely with a divided heart. Instead of turning and drifting away like Solomon, I need to repent and draw near to The Lord like David.

Sure. Every day can feel like a constant battle as I’m diligent in making sure that God is first in my life. No, it’s not easy and far from perfect. But God can see the effort, the all in commitment, the yearning for Him with true repentance as I work to take a sledgehammer to my idol alters of heart. It’s then that God knows that He doesn’t have a corner, piece, nor half of my heart but my heart fully and it’s undivided attention.




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