A little over a week ago, I made a post about my husband for his birthday on my personal Instagram account. It was a picture of him and I in our Sunday’s best giving our goofy smirks at the camera. In my caption, I described how smart, sexy, and wonderful he is as I wished him an awesome birthday.

Between the many likes and awesome, heartfelt birthday wishes from family and friends, a comment from a friend of mine back home caught my attention. Her comment read #PowerCouple. While I thought the comment was amusing and pretty sweet, I couldn’t help but ask myself. What exactly does it meant to be a power couple?

Naturally, when people think of a power couples, maybe Michelle and Barack Obama, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, or even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West come to mind. These married couples certainly have made an impression and mark not just in our pop culture but the entire world. Their fame, fortune, status show how great they look together making them what some would call #MarriageGoals.

A few years back, I remember being part of a home bible study that a married couple facilitated from the church I attended to. Brandi and Jason were your young, hip, educated, upper-middle class Christian couple. The dynamic duo every other Friday night would shift my mindset about marriage and fuel my passion to learn more about Christ in the most profound and powerful way. You may be asking, “Okay, great. What exactly made them so powerful?” Here are 3 things that Brandi and Jason did that showed REAL #CouplesGoals.

They knew The Source of their power

Worldly power couples may rely on their fortune our status as a source of power but Brandi and Jason knew individually and collectively as a couple WHO THE SOURCE was. That source is Jesus Christ. They knew that apart from Him, they would not be able to do anything themselves (John 15:5) let alone stay married, raise their two beautiful girls, and minister. They constantly drew strength from God’s Word fortifying both themselves and each other.

Learning from them in my season of singleness taught me and reaffirmed that God should be ALWAYS be in the forefront of my life and in my marriage. God’s endless strength and power will be enough for both my husband and I as we face and come out victorious through our “impossibilities” just Brandi and Jason have. Brandi and Jason lovingly leaned and depended on God to give them their supercharge to walk in their God-given power.

They knew that their marriage was BIGGER than themselves

This is was a HUGE DEAL for me because Brandi and Jason were the first couple to show me that marriage was bigger than a license, a pair of wedding rings, co-habitation, blessed and unrestricted physical intimacy, with tax benefits on the side. Their marriage displayed a sense of purpose. They had a much larger understanding that their vows made to each other were more than a promise but a covenant, a solemn and binding agreement before God concerning each other.

Their marriage was a ministry and treated it as such. It was the first time I ever saw a married couple strive to mirror and parallel Christ and the church as Paul described in Ephesians 5:22-33 which I believe is one of the MOST POWERFUL things that any couple could do in a time where marriage is looked at as joke. Both Brandi and Jason knew that they had a mission and assignment to fulfill and that they needed each other with God in the center to complete it.

They did their very best to exemplify what Christ does for us by giving each other grace, love, forgiveness, and sacrifice. Even outside of church and the bible study, you could tell that God was in their marriage and everyone whether they were single or married took note of it.

They Worked As One

Just as Jesus said “I and My Father are one.” (John 10:30), Brandi and Jason were one. You could tell that they were one both physically but also spiritually. Both, of course as a married couple had different roles and responsibilities but they functioned and worked very well together. Jason was your introverted, strong, silent type but was very effective in his role as being the priest and head of the household who loved his wife dearly. Brandi was the bold and colorful extrovert but reverenced her husband with such awesome submission and respect.

Both of them individually and respectively had unique spiritual gifts but when it came to making decisions, prayer, or talking about the matters of Christ, WATCH OUT! They were almost the equivalent of the spiritual atomic bomb. Watching them together in action made me praise God and look forward to marriage even more. It was so beautiful to see Jason cover his wife in prayer and Brandi backing her man up as he battle in spiritual warfare. They shifted atmospheres, encouraged, and prompted deliverance which showed true power as a couple.

Brandi and Jason may not be famous, rich, mega moguls but they have made an impression and mark eternally not just in my life but in the lives of others. Their example of marriage and how they use it in God’s glory is worth more than riches and fame of married celebrities combine. Bottom line:

Any married couple that loves and serves The Lord passionately, purposefully, and willingly while actively displaying the gospel for others to see is a #PowerCouple to me.

Make no mistake, it’s great to look good and make accomplishments together but the true question is, what does that even mean if Christ isn’t in the center? I want people to experience and see God’s glory in my husband and I’s marriage as we are a walking epistle, a letter that is made to reveal Him. To me, that is definitely #MarriageGoals worth striving for.

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