Prayer Before Our Pressing Priorities

by | May 25, 2018 | Daily Faith

For some reason, it seems as if there aren’t enough hours, sometimes minutes in the day to get things done anymore. From the moment the alarm clock goes off, we spring up from the bed, scurry to the shower, rush off to work for 8+ hours, and come back home feeling completely spent as the process restarts all over again the next day.

With what little time we do have, we spend it frustrated catching up various projects, tasks, and chores because of the heavy demands placed on us for the week. Ask anyone who is living this reality knows that any thing else added to their long list of “to-dos” would send them into an emotional, physical, and spiritual downward spiral.

We barely have time to go to the gym. Some barely have time to cook a basic dinner (Yes, canned ravioli AGAIN). Mention or consider squeezing Jesus in for bible study or prayer, FORGET ABOUT IT!!! Something’s got to seriously give but how? What can be done about this?

I can recall being frustrated day in and out for YEARS asking myself constantly WHY I’m always feel tired and spent in every way possible. Fed up, I decided to ask God. He revealed to me that instead of charging ahead like a raging bull into our daily demands putting Him last, I was to reverse the order by putting Him FIRST. Perplexed, I asked God how was I do that.

That’s when He brought me to His unfailing and everlasting Word. In the book of Mark, Jesus gives a model of how we’re to start our day. “Now in the morning, having risen a long while before daylight, He went out and departed to a solitary place; and there He prayed.” (Mark 1:35 NKJV) Jesus woke up gave the first of His day to His Father. He knew the type of day He had ahead and called upon His father to worship, give thanks, pray, and ask for strength to make it through the day.

Jesus praying in the morning set the tone of how His day was going to. Since Jesus and God the Father are one, Jesus was taking time to enjoy His Father’s presence, peace, and also be directed the path to show what was priority in God’s Will. This doesn’t mean that everyday will be perfect for us because we live in a fallen and broken world filled with sin. This DOES mean that our day will be filled with meaning and purpose no matter what the day’s circumstances give to us.

Taking time out especially in the morning to talk to God spares us from the unnecessary tasks and trivial matters that tend to stress us out. I’m not saying that you have to pray 2 hours before work. I mean…you could if you’re led to but I dare you to challenge yourself spending 5-10 minutes every morning praying and giving God the first of your day. I also mean doing this is before you reach for the “on” button of the coffee pot.

Once you get more comfortable praying for a while, attempt to add 5 more minutes. The main point is to keep building and maintaining your relationship with God, putting Him first in your daily endeavors. After all we’re to seek God first in all that we do all the rest follow. Rearrange your order of operation of and watch your day do a complete 360 degree shift.



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