Putting Pride Back In Its Place

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Daily Faith

I love an AWESOME, thought-provoking message that makes my mind and spirit go “Hmm…”, don’t you?

Early Saturday morning, a good friend of Donovan and I invited us to a small and intimate home bible study. Honestly, it seemed more of a home church service. Nevertheless, God’s Presence being there was what truly mattered.

The topic taught was a particular sin that we may think is simple, yet we struggle daily with it. God despises it. If we don’t deal with this sin, it could pose serious consequences. What is it?

One word. PRIDE.

Listening to the message, I didn’t fully recognize how much pride has conquered not just the secular world but also has infiltrated our churches as well. I’ve seen even how our praise and worship to our Heavenly Father have somehow shifted from giving Him glory through us to desiring it to come to us.

HOLD UP! WAIT A MINUTE! Isn’t that how Satan got jolted out of Heaven? (Read Isaiah 14:12-21, Luke 10:18 for more about the divine banishment). Pride is a wicked sin because it thrives off self-exaltation and being independent of God.

I’m amazed how this small five-letter word can destroy not just ourselves but our relationship with God if unchecked.

Here are some examples of how pride works in our lives:
  • Pride shows up wanting attention
  • It compares ourselves to others.
  • Hates correction but disguises as a perfectionist and is afraid of failure.
  • Pride displays a “my way or no way” mindset.

The teacher makes a point to note nearly to all these examples are found in, of course, social media. He believes the intent and heart behind the creation of these platforms was out of self-exaltation and to build idols of ourselves as we become the lovers and gratifiers of “likes” and self. “The devil’s instrument” as he calls it.

On this single note, I’ll be honest. While I do believe that there is some significant spiritual truth to that, I consider that social media can still be a good thing. You can look to the right of my blog and see that I utilize social media. Particularly, Instagram. I use this platform in conjunction with my blog to encourage, uplift and share what God has given me through my journey with Christ.

Nonetheless, when it comes to the matter of pride, even what could be considered a good thing can become an idol/alter in my life when they slide first place into my heart. There was a time during the teaching where I had to take a moment to do some spiritual checking to see if my heart truly worships God or myself.

If I could be extremely transparent, I can say that there are some idols in my heart that I seem to place before God. One BIG issue of pride that convicts me is my often presumptuous attitude in how I talk and relate to God through prayer. I hear about the promises of God and how He’ll never withhold any good thing from me. Knowing this, I often come off as if God owes me something and I’m entitled.

Talk about having that “my way or no way” mentality from the list above!

Behavior like this is what harms and potentially kills my relationship with God. I can’t say that I want to be close to Him when I’m forcefully placing my demands for my life above His will. Though I did the right thing by coming to God in prayer every day and sometimes multiple times a day, the intent of my heart was in a nasty place.

Pride divides. It plants inward soon growing to show itself outward.

During prayer, I give God my sincere and most heartfelt apology about how careless I’ve been talking to Him and asked for forgiveness. But I knew that I couldn’t stop there. I knew the REAL AND RIGHT RESOLUTION to this problem of pride was to REPENT.

Repentance meant not only acknowledging my pride but asking God to destroy it as I turn away from it. I realize that I regularly need to ask God to kill this divisive sin in me to continue to have a thriving relationship that is free to love and worship Him.

I need God’s help to break my pride to destroy it.

Saturday’s provocative message of “pride” still has both me and Donovan reeling. What many Christians may think of this sin not being a “big deal” because we all go through it can serve BIG consequences now into eternity. The Bible, more particularly the gospels, have presented the problem, result, and solution when dealing with pride.

I can’t help but ask this question. Have we seriously become so prideful where we willingly ignore the solution to breaking it?


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