Richness In Stillness

by | Jun 18, 2020 | Daily Faith

Despite what the world thinks, I firmly believe that God is not a humorless God.

He does have a sense of humor. 

I find this great news because I can use some humor in my life. Especially right now.

These last few weeks have been stressful beyond belief. It’s as if chaos has touched almost all aspects of my life (finances, health, marriage, etc.). Aside from the shenanigans I hear on a daily basis from the world, what I’ve dealing with is no joke.

As it stands, I’m currently at my wits end with the increasingly growing tension and spiritual battles that I’m fighting. Earlier this morning, I was sitting in my worn but beloved prayer chair staring off into space while my soul is screaming, “LORD! WHAT DO I DO NOW?”

I wasn’t expecting an audible answer from Him. In fact, I really wasn’t expecting an answer until MUCH later. However, getting up and walking into my kitchen to get some water, I get one.

A coffee mug that my husband’s aunt got for me during my visit to Turks and Caicos Island two summers ago reminded me of a simple, two word answer written in beautiful calligraphy. 

Be Still and Know

“Be Still.”

HA! Very clever, God.

See? I told you.

Before grabbing the mug, I couldn’t help but wryly chuckle. It was an answered prayer; a sweet, not to mention pretty, and subtle reminder that God cares and is telling me to stop stressing and start resting in Him.

Yeah, I know. Easier said that done. But what’s the alternative? To keep striving and straining over things I have no control over whatsoever?

God forbid!

As much as I want to fix things in a hurried manner, I realize that I couldn’t even if I wanted to.

I can’t. God can. 

Still, I’ll be still…

Stillness is something that I often struggle with. I believe God definitely knows that. Naturally, when I see a problem, I should try fix it. If I fix, the problem is solved. There’s no need for prayers, delays, or waiting.

Yet God, in this difficult season, is teaching me about the richness of stillness.

Stillness rests, trusts, actively waits, and receive peace while God’s is working and figuring the impossible out. It keeps me from causing more chaos and bigger mistakes. It’s firm and secure. Stillness crosses out the flesh and highlights my faith. 

I’ve also noticed that stillness also has me take a closer look at my actions in trying to play my own savior. In some cases, I can even find humor in that because I can sit, reflect, and even laugh with God asking him and myself, “What in the world was I thinking?”

I look at that as one way to take the sting out dealing with heavy hardship.

Where are you right now? Are you dealing with an impossibly difficult season of hardship and chaos like me?

God wants us to be still and know who He is (Psalm 46:10). Why? Because He’s sovereign and knows all.

In our impossible situations, we must be still so He can mightily move.


Take courage. Be still and surrender. God WILL work and perfect all that’s concerning you someway, somehow. When He does, you’ll be able to relax, rest, and might even laugh while enjoying His might Presence. That is if, you will only BE STILL. 


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