Seeking God In Self-Quarantine

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Daily Faith

As an extrovert, I find this “stay at home COVID-19 lockdown” business a little hard to do. Okay, maybe moderately hard. I know that we’re not supposed to be in close proximity to others. But after being in the house for so long, I find just going to the grocery store and seeing other shoppers a joyous field trip.

However, I’m finding this lockdown isn’t all doom and gloom. I will say that this mandatory time at home is a humbling, sobering, and beautiful one.

While my life and the world are at a standstill, God is shifting my perspective on life and my priorities. What I thought mattered, no longer does. The important things left on the back burner now holds my attention. 

For starters, I do thoroughly enjoy the extra sleep I’m getting. YAY REST! I also LOVE the sweet and fun moments my husband and I get to share together as he’s home right now. But, what I really love the most is the time God and I get to spend together.

I can say that my intimate time with God at home has really been the highlight of this lockdown or self-quarantine time. I’ll even compare it to a FREE, all expense paid, spiritual retreat for me. I mean, who doesn’t like free?

Having to adjust to what seems like a bizarre and even scary “new normal” living in this world is better when you have God on your side. Intense prayer, worship, and Bible study has been my go-to, my comfort in the comfort of home during this time of uncertainty. This has also been a time to check my heart about sins, wrong motives and thinking, important relationships, and my complaints about petty things in life.

In a time where everyone is more connected to social media, news, and online live streams than ever before, God is calling me to seek and remain connected to Him. This isn’t to say that I’m becoming a social hermit. But, I am weary of the inflammatory news and distractions.

I hear God saying to me, “COME! Put away the Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Apple News, and Netflix for awhile. Forget about the “likes” and your loss of “followers”. None of that matters. Take your mind off the temporary. Focus on Me, My word, My Presence. There’s MUCH I want to communicate…If you will STOP and listen.”

Make no mistake, I’m not bashing social media. I firmly believe that NOW is the time to make this time count. Use this time to intently listen to God even the followers fall away.

There are a lot of unexplainable things happening. Questions are being asked with little to no answers based on human understanding. If they are, it’s inconsistent.

How sweet it is to spend MUCH quality time with the One who provides all truth and comfort while letting us in the secret things about today from His word. All that while sipping tea and with a blanket for awhile is an added bonus.

God's Word

God is speaking in this season and I want to make sure I’m listening.

I still crave to be out with others and can’t wait for this social distancing to be over. Nonetheless, it’s good to be home but this sweet time with God is GREATER.



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