Sought and Found

by | Jan 26, 2021 | Daily Faith

One of the biggest pet peeves of mine is losing things and not being able to find them. I don’t do it often but when I do, it drives me crazy. I get so caught up and laser beam focused on searching for what’s missing to the point where nothing else matters. But, oh the joy I feel when I do find it.

Pure bliss. 

It was once lost but now it’s found!

Lately, during my quiet time with God and in His word, I’ve been getting convicted.

Do I search for God with laser beam focus like to do with my missing keys, glasses, iPhone, or debit card?

For the past few weeks, the phrase “Seek God’s face” keeps resurfacing over and over again. The Bible must’ve deemed this command important and it is. Apparently, seeking God’s face is so important that I at least found 5 different scriptures in the Old Testament.

Seek God's Face

Maybe there’s more. But so far, I’ve counted the following five:

  • 1 Chronicles 16:11
  • Psalm 105:4
  • Jeremiah 29:13
  • Psalm 27:8
  • Isaiah 55:6

Suddenly Seeking Jesus

I’m discovering more and more that seeking God’s face is more than just reading a scripture or two, sitting still for 5 minutes and then tossing up a quick prayer. I find that it’s firmly fixing on your eyes on through the trials, mess, distractions, noise and dailyness of life. Maybe it’s just me but I know that when I search for something, I move and clear anything and everything out of the way just to get to the desired object.

I realize that I must do that even more with my relationship with God. Maybe you feel the same way too. I also realize that in order to find God, my heart has to have the desire to do so. When God is sought after, He does promise that He will be found (Jeremiah 29:13). But this will require me to press in and seek Him with everything that I got.

I love the fact that God calls His people unto Himself so we’re not on a this wild elusive goose chase trying to look for him. 

God desires to be sought and found after. Just like a woman who enjoys to be pursued by a lover. I know that I THROUGHLY enjoy being pursued by Donovan before we got married.

Seeking To Finding

I completely understand that seeking after God can be hard sometimes. In some cases, downright impossible. Our enemy, Satan, does his job (and very well might I add) by hurling insults, distractions, doubt, lies at us constantly.

I know often take the bait and give in leaving me wanting to have a resigned attitude with a depleted mind, body, and spirit. I also make dangerous attempts to seek God in my flesh.


A word of caution when doing this:

Seeking God in the flesh means that we’re looking at God through skewed vision from the eyes of our hearts and minds. Our fallen, sinful nature will see God as “less-than-perfect” God while giving room for pride to come in.

Sin and flesh can not stand in the presence of God.

 This could be the reason why prayers aren’t answered or why our worship can be heard as tone-deaf. Our seeking can seem so elusive or missed because our hearts are not pure.

What’s occupying our hearts that keeps us from seeking God?

A pure heart before God is surrendering to Him just as we are. No pretenses, presumptions, or pride. But a pure and cleansed heart with Holy Spirit having His way. Because when our hearts are clean, then we will be able to find and seek God more sharper and clearer. We can also experience in full measure the wisdom, peace, and strength He has for us. 

Seeking Strength To Seek

I know that this year, I’m definitely going to have to rely on the Holy Spirit’s strength to be diligent in seeking after God’s face. My willpower alone just isn’t cutting. Then again, it never has and never will. I know that the distractions are going to come. But if I don’t want to be spiritual depleted, I must be diligent in The Lord to seek and find His face always.

If I can rejoice in finding a lost phone, car keys or glass. How much joy will it be knowing that God, whose greater than these things, will be sought and FOUND?

1 Chronicles 16:11


  1. Becoming His Tapestry

    Thanks for sharing these encouraging words, my friends. Reminds me of Psalm 27:8 seek My Face”, the Lord says

    • LindseyCapron

      Hi Brenda! ABSOLUTELY!!! I’m so thrilled that you’re blessed and encouraged by this post. YES, even God Himself says to seek Him.


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