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I got to know rather quickly after high school what debt is.

I was 19 years old completing my pharmacy schooling. My tuition was the cost of a new car more than 10 years ago. On top of that, I had just purchased a newer car. My car given by my dad for my sixteenth birthday had MAJOR issues. Needless to say, it was not worth putting money into.


Of course, I knew that I would have to get a job a pay all this off. But it was scary, shocking, and sobering to see how much debt I accumulated so quickly. To my young adult mind, I thought it would take FOREVER to work hard to pay it off.

Finally, after seven years of tough and painful, financial sacrifice, both loan companies from the car and student loan sends me a letter stating that my debt was PAID IN FULL.

Oh, the euphoria I felt reading that!

With all the money issues and debt our country is having right now, I still reflect on a much grand and more deadly debt: humanity’s devastating spiritual debt and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross over two thousand years ago that cost His own life in order to pay it all.

Christ’s sacrifice for my sins are PAID IN FULL. As an added bonus, I’m eternally secure with Him FOREVER. 

Oh, the euphoria in knowing that.

The spiritual debt we owe partly came from ourselves, but we also inherited it. There are people today whole-heartedly believing that they have NO spiritual debt of their own. But they do.

We all do.

Consider the following example in regards to your own spiritual state and how Jesus is our ultimate Savior:

Way back deep in your family line, a form of credit line was opened at a bank. In their irresponsibility, they run the bill up so astronomical, it would probably take thousands upon thousands of lifetimes to pay. Generation after generation inherit this endless colossal debt.

The Creditor (God) calls to collect but His calls are evaded, avoided, or answered with false promises to pay.

Finally, the debt transfers over to you. Now, you’re inherently responsible for the debt that is impossible to pay down. You know without a doubt you can not pay it.

You’re born so bankrupt, you can hardly buy a pencil. Not to mention, close to being blackballed completely by The Creditor of all creditors. Furthermore, any offspring after you will have to pick up the bill too.

You decide enough was enough. After exhausting all resources and trying almost everything, you’re left hopeless. However, there’s option you haven’t tried.

With a heavy, weary, and sorrowful heart, you go directly to The Creditor. You acknowledge that you in are DEEP debt with no ability to pay. You’re in need of His assistance and believe that something can be worked out.

The Creditor, with complete knowledge of your account sees your debt. After hearing your situation, He takes great compassion on you and offers you a deal.

In coming to Him, He doesn’t just work out a payment plan. He goes beyond.

He decides to COMPLETELY ERASE your debt and put you in the status as His MOST VALUED indefinitely with full access and benefits.

Your debt taking thousands upon thousands of years to pay status is now: PAID IN FULL!

Oh the euphoria in knowing that!

I know that Holy Week just passed. Resurrection Sunday was a few days ago. However, the truth about the sacrificial payment of what Jesus did on the cross for us still rings true today.

perfect love

You no longer have to carry the weight of your spiritual debt any longer. It’s entirely too heavy and you can’t pay.

No more dodging, evading, or making false promises. All you have to do is go to God. Admit you’re in debt. He’s waiting.

Your status is already PAID IN FULL.


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