The Blessed Gifts of Adversity

by | May 28, 2018 | Daily Faith

Generally, when people think of God’s blessings they think of a nice gifts. It usually comes in various shapes and sizes. It could be as small as finding that extra $5 in your pocket while doing laundry, free food, or a word of encouragement right at the time when you need it. It also can be something as big as engagement, a house, a promotion at your job, or even healing from an illness.

While God is certainly in the “good and wonderful blessing” business, sometimes the way He blesses us can be a little…unusual, different, and maybe not exactly what you or anyone else would have in mind. What if I told you that your trials, pain, and storms can also be a form of a blessing?

Yes, you read correctly. I know it seems hard to believe. It’s even difficult for me to comprehend but I’ve learned in challenging seasons how to be a little more thankful for my trials and storms. Let’s state the obvious. NO ONE enjoys going through storms, struggles and feeling pain. Especially, if it was something that we didn’t did cause or a result of us doing the right thing.

When God DOES allow storms to happen, He doesn’t send them to harm or destroy us even though it feels as if we’re breaking and falling apart piece by piece in them. He often allows adversity to point us back to Him and to pull us closer to Him. In our pain, this can serve as a very nice gift because this means that God is willing to stand alongside us and help us get through our storms. He’ll even fight our battles MUCH BETTER than we can if we let Him, of course.

I know that it often may feel like our struggles seem more like a curse than a gift. Our storms and struggles are bleak, unbearable, they tear us apart, leaving us broken in pieces. The days seem long and the nights seem even darker. There’s more tears than laughter and we often ask how long we’re to endure all this and we question if God is really there.

It may not seem like it but yes, God is still there. Knowing that He wants to fight our battles and will never leave or forsake us makes Him the greatest gift. Even when it seems He’s absent and silent. Of course, it’s MUCH easier to quit. However our adversity can reveal and teach us things that we would never be able to get through only the good gifts and blessings alone.

The gift of adversity (which can seem like a cruel, messed up gag gift at times) teaches us about who we are and Whose we are. Adversity shows our deficiencies, weakness, sins not just within the world but within ourselves. It also teaches us how to correct and be healed from them. Adversity gives us the resilience and renewed strength needed to make it through the next storm.

Face value, adversity is never easy and hard to look at. It’s entirely too much for us but God knows in our human weakness that it is through storms, test, and trials we grow spiritually. We can also find gifts of God’s love, peace, and His light through the darkness and hardness of our problems. There’s a scripture that I take to heart and gives me comfort in my storms. “Many of the afflictions of the righteous, But the LORD delivers him out of all of them.” (Psalm 34:19)

Storms come and go. They are a part of life. However we know and can trust that if God has brought us to it, we will most certainly be brought¬†through it. We can also have assurance that we will come out stronger, wiser, more resilient, with renewed strength, ready for the next storm with encouragement to help others when they’re going through.

These gifts out of the gift of adversity itself can not be bought or taken away from us which is way more than the worth of dollars, pounds, pesos, or even gold. So the next time you find yourself in the middle of a storm, ask yourself and God, “How can this pain I’m feeling be a blessing and a gift not just myself but also to others?” You may not get your answer immediately but be assured that when you seek for the answer no matter how long it takes, you will find it discovering that adversity will gift you more than what you bargained for.


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