The Book Of Genesis: My First and Favorite Bible Study

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Daily Faith

One of the things I believe is considered a pillar in a Christian’s life (especially a new one) is to get involved in a Bible study. The wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God’s Word along with the camaraderie that you get in a Bible study is life-giving.

I’ve been to a handful of Bible studies during my few years as a Christian. Some good, some challenging (at least to pay attention to). One of the BEST Bible studies I’ve ever been involved in was a 10-month study of the book of Genesis. It was an all women’s Bible study that met once a week.

The curriculum of the study fascinated me it because it was like school and yes, we did something like homework. This Bible study went chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse giving me the opportunity to dive deep into God’s Word to learn about Who He is and what He’s done.

Genesis would be my first study in this “school year”-like class. It would also be my FIRST BIBLE STUDY EVER as I was new with my relationship with Christ. Talk about exciting.

In this new experience, I was able to read, explore, and discuss based on our homework questions how God in Genesis made new things. Great detail went into describing God created the heavens and earth (Genesis 1:1). The crescendo of the fantastic story of creation led up to the pinnacle of God’s GREATEST creation EVER. You. Me. Humanity.

I explored how the devastating effects of our fall and into sin not only changed the course of Adam and Eve’s lives but the course of humanity’s lives forever. The choice of disobedience after listening to a lie damaged the PERFECT relationship between God and humanity.

It was at that moment I learned that my choices in life DO matter affecting not just my life but the lives of others and the future.

What a relief it was to know that God was still in the blessing business even when He was giving us just punishment for our sins! He not only spared humanity at the moment but had a plan to redeem us and get back to restoring and making that relationship new with us again.

As the women and I discuss in the group how sin affected our lives and the lives of others, we all agreed that year that we keep each other lifted and prayer and be committed to being obedient even in a fallen condition. We laughed, cried, strengthened, and encouraged each other in The Lord. We experienced God’s blessings in the tangible and eternal.

Genesis was a study that showed God’s wonder-working power, creativity, grace, mercy, just judgments that brought devastation but most importantly LOVE. Through those months, I was able to have a deeper relationship and experience an intimacy with God that I never knew possible. I was abundantly blessed by the spiritual maturity that grew by leaps and bounds that changed my heart, spirit, and course of my life. With Genesis being my first Bible study, it was one of my best.

What has been your favorite Bible study?

How was your experience? What did God teach you?

Let me know in the comments as I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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