The Gifts “In-Between” Seasons

by | Jul 23, 2018 | Daily Faith

For the 2 past weeks, my husband and I have been thoroughly enjoying the AWESOME privilege of house-sitting for his brother and wife while on their month-long trip. It’s peaceful, relaxing, and quiet as we have the house to ourselves. It was something that I can say was MUCH NEEDED for us as we haven’t had any place to ourselves since our honeymoon (which was back in November last year). YES, talk about a BLESSING indeed.

As our stay has provided so much privacy and solitude, I’ve had time and space to do some deep reflection. While reflecting, one word that seem to repeatedly come to mind is “transition.” It’s a word filled with hope and expectation but also carries the heavy weight of confusion and frustration. This past year, life has been a huge adjustment for me with wild ride of ups and downs. While getting married to my husband was one of the greatest events of my life, I can say packing, leaving one coast for another the very next day, and getting myself acclimated to a state that’s feels like a foreign country has been taxing.

Transition can be scary and it’s generally never easy. I’ve learned that it often requires loss, surrender, and significant change. I’m not sure about you but I don’t like to lose anything, I much rather prefer to be in control, and change doesn’t exactly work for me because of the fear of the unknown and at times I like things they are. To be honest, it’s predictable. It’s SAFE.

However, what’s required in transition is what’s necessary for my growth in order to walk in line of God’s will and divine plan He has for me.

I’ll be honest and say that one of the hardest things as a fairly new believer is trust the transition process that God is taking me through especially when I can’t for the life of me understand it. Even now, there are still things that I can’t comprehend but there’s two things that I am understanding more about: God’s grace and His presence even on the days where I can’t feel Him.

I’m learning to cherish God’s grace even more as I reflect on how He’s dealt with me during this transition. He’s been extremely patient with me (especially on my bratty days, shutdowns, and meltdowns), loving, and kind. As I focus on His grace and mercy, the difficult circumstances during my transition become a little more bearable and the awesome times become more enjoyable.

God’s presence is a biggie for me. I know that in my previous posts before, I stated that I couldn’t feel and hear from God. I did lose sight of Him for a moment but on numerous occasions in the bible God has said that He is and would be always with us. In this transition, there is scripture that I’ve personally adopted as my lifeline, my go-to during this season of transition.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, Nor shall the flame scorch you. (Isaiah 43:2)

As I’m being guided through this transition, God has promised that He will be with me through the turbulent waters and rivers. I will not be char-broiled by the enemy’s attacks or life’s flaming arrows of adversity. I may see and feel the dangerously close heat and flames of the fire but I will not be consumed. This provides me with hope and great expectation no matter how big or small even in the mess.

Whatever transition you may find yourself, know that you CAN make it even if the journey feels like thousands of miles away. I get it. It’s tiring. Oftentimes, giving up seems like an awesome alternative especially when the journey seems long, tough, and confusing with no relief in sight. People may not know your what you’re going through or may not want to know. What I DO want YOU to know is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. God is present and near saying, ” In the good seasons, bad seasons, and in-between seasons, I’m here and I will be with you. ALWAYS.”



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