The GOD-SHIFT is Real!

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Daily Faith

I’m seeing that God is in the business of shifting plans for my life in this season… 

Honestly, I had no intentions of slowing down from social media, blogging, and other activities. Yet, it’s been a month since I’ve written a blog post and my social media posts far and few in between. I guess God must’ve really needed my attention and gave me my own personal shut down.

In the last month, God has been shifting and restructuring my life so far this year. As the world is slowly starting to rev back up and bouncing back from a pandemic, God is slowing me down. In a time where many depend on social media more than ever for connection, God is having me do “social media distancing”.

Life has been intense… but beautifully quiet. 

Following the rhythm and flow of God is foreign concept to me sometimes. Especially when life is already screaming at you to “GO” all the time. As an extrovert, I find the silence and stillness odd. I often feel like I’m missing out as God is keeping me still and away from the rest of the busy world.

At first, I thought I was doing something wrong or I was being punished in this season. But it turns out, God is shifting things in order to do some much needed work in me and around me. While I’m not exactly fond of my plans being wrecked, I can say much good is coming out of it.

During this unexpected shift, I’m learning a great deal about myself, God, and my faith in Him. I’m realizing that this time away is setting me aside and apart for what seems like a special and greater purpose.

What greater purpose?

The jury is still out on that but as I’m staying close to God, He showing me piece by piece.

The Good Part So Far

I can say that in the stillness and quietness of God’s presence, He’s teaching me to live and be more intentional. This means shifting my mindset and habits of what I used to do years before. Do things with a purpose.

In the years past, I often felt trapped in life or like I was living my life like a butterfly that haphazardly flies around hoping that where I land sticks. I struggled to find the calm in the noise of life. Sure, I had my moments of peace with God. But I really had to scrap and fight hard for it.

I often would feel burned out, tired, and unrested from everything and everyone.

Hmm…Imagine that. An extrovert that got tired of people.

I was doing things because I felt like I had to or because it was the “right” thing to do. Yet, still confused on the rhyme to reason why I did it.

I’m discovering more and more that God is a God who’s very intentional and will never do anything without reason. He created us on purpose with a purpose. During this quiet time, I’m learning to seek Him more about living my daily life and true purpose with intention while maximizing all that He gifts me. This means saying “NO” to the worlds ever changing demands and saying “YES” to God’s Will with focus.

I also had to cut out some distractions too. While I do enjoy social media, I realized that I had to limit my exposure from it. God revealed to me that was one of the COLOSSAL factors that kept me living an intentional life and hearing His voice.

And let me tell you what a difference it has made in my life.

Side note: I have my own soapbox about my changing relationship with social media but that’s for another post which I’ll be making very soon.

For now, I’ll say there’s more clarity, creativity, peace, and rest. Life isn’t unnecessarily chaotic or frantic. While I have experienced intense and crazy moments, I’m able to handle them better.

Living intentional means seeking God constantly for His direction instead of “jumping the gun” to do your own thing because of impulse and feelings.  

God is shifting my mind and spirit about intentionality and how focused, undistracted prayer is needed to do His Will effectively in this season. Also, I reminded to be mindful that though I’m living intentionally and I have to leave room for God’s sovereign and intentional will regardless if it makes sense or not…even though it somehow will.

How Long Is This “Shifting” Season?

I asked myself and God the same question.

I can’t say for sure how this season is going to be. But what I do know is that if this is where God wants me, it’s the safest place to be. And from what I gather, the benefits of me enjoying this time of shifting (no matter how uncomfortable) is better than complaining through it. I just know that I’m learning to be part of the process as God creates and completes His great work within me.


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