The Greatest Call

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Daily Faith

When I first became a Christian, the word “calling” or phrase “having a calling in my life” always intrigued me. If I could be honest, I thought at first that becoming a Christian meant that you just prayed, read your bible, went to church, worshipped, and believed in God. THAT’S IT! Walking in my life’s journey with The Lord, I realized that there is more. MUCH MORE. God would use me in a way that would change the trajectory of how I currently live my life.

Having some time to reflect in the past few days about my calling, I’ve discovered something fascinating. There are quite a few Christians who don’t walk in their God-given calling (possibly because they don’t know yet and that’s okay) or deliberately CHOOSE NOT to (maybe out of fear, doubt, etc.)

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, this is the first phrase to define what the word “calling is:

Calling (n): a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by the conviction of divine influence

Hmm…interesting. By the look of this definition, I would imagine that many of those who say that they’re Christians and have been for a long time or all their lives would surely without a doubt feel this undeniable impulse from God and be walking their calling.
So do we as Christians (especially mature Christians) still not know because we haven’t asked? Or do we know and CHOOSE NOT to walk in it?

Everyone is Christ has a calling whether we know it or not. Our calling in whichever God chooses to bring us into is mainly to point the world back to Him. No matter how small or big it may seem to us, we’re instructed to walk in our God-given calling (Ephesians 4:1).

Not walking in our calling is blatant disobedience.

When knowing that I had one place upon my life, I sought God diligently to understand what it was even when I had a decent paying job in pharmacy living comfortably.
Can I be honest with you? Walking in the calling that God has for me is NOT easy at all.

Truthfully, it almost seems impossible. The gripping fear of the unknown in this journey of me failing or not, not being sure if I have the resources, the talent, or any other qualifications alone makes me have thoughts on quitting and going back to a life that’s comfortable, safe. Not to mention the dark, steep valleys I had to endure to walk it. 

However, I can say that this path that God has me on has been the BEST decision I’ve made. It’s been an endurance of faith, trust, and complete dependence on Him for everything. I’ve seen God open doors for me that I never thought in my wildest dreams would be opened.

I believe that some Christians today want the blessings, accolades, and rewards that come with walking in their calling but will put very little to no effort in obedience to God. God is calling each of us to something. We must answer. I HIGHLY urge us to pray and exercise our faith as God will make surely make our paths in our calling straight.

Sure, our calling will be difficult and hard. But I also know that living a life of mediocrity and outside of God’s best is HARDER. CHOOSE YOUR HARD! If God has promised us the more abundant life He states in John 10:10, we must go after it.

I wrote this poem called “The Great Call” precisely two years ago today at 1:00 AM regarding God’s calling. I pray that this will prompt you to ask and seek The Lord in your blessed and divine purpose.

The Greatest Call

Everyone wants the reward and recognition but won’t answer when God makes His call. It’s because we’re too proud, too lazy, or even too scared to fall.

We’ll never know what great things we can accomplish or what we do best if we don’t challenge ourselves to conquer and pass our calling’s tests.

The Lord has gifted us with something marvelous and greater than us inside. But we often hide our talents because of fear, doubt, and pride.

When we walk away from our calling while attempting our hardest to forget, we grow older realizing what we could’ve been with the deepest regret.

God never guaranteed that our calling would be easy and would push us out of our comfort zone. But He DID promise to equip us on what to do and with Him we’ll NEVER be alone.

God is calling. Will you answer God’s Call?


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