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by | Oct 3, 2018 | Daily Faith

About a weeks ago, I noticed this big bump on my skin. It was big, red, puffy, a little painful and extremely itchy. I figured maybe it was a bug bite from my trip to Turks and Caicos Island as mosquitoes seemed to think I was a delicious snack and it would go away in a few days. However, the itchiness and pain was becoming unbearable. At times without thinking, I started to scratch the area. I mindlessly scratched frequently and hard that my skin started to tear. It eventually became a wound making the problem WORSE. Though the wound size was significant, thankfully, it wasn’t infected.

My husband who’s very savvy at using natural remedies for first aid told me to use (you’re not going to believe this) Raw Manuka Honey to heal the wound. I figured that with its awesome topical healing power that I researched, I should be healed in a few days or so. You could imagine my disappointment when I found out that I’m still healing from that wound even now and it’s almost been a week later. I kept telling myself, “Okay, it’s been MORE than a few days. I honestly thought I would be healed from this by now.”

“I honestly thought I would be healed from this by now.”

Now, this is only minor compared some of the things I’ve endured physically. However, I can recall times where I’ve endured some pretty serious wounds (whether self-inflicted or from someone else) on an emotional and spiritual level. I’m talking about the internal wounds that comes in forms of devastating breakups, long seasons of financial struggles, deaths of loved ones, addictions. The type of wounds where no honey, no cream, ointment, or painkiller could heal. All that was left was a broken heart and shattered soul for God to mend.

Of course, I’ve heard and read about the healing God lovingly provides in church and during my quiet time reading scripture. I would gratefully receive it and be on my way to healing. However, old habits tend to creep back in where that comfortable urge to “scratch” or “pick at” the issue ensues during the healing process. When I actually do “pick” or “scratch”, I’m thinking that I’m helping somehow relieving the issue when really I’m making the problem worse while asking myself why I haven’t been healed already.

While I do believe that God can give us instantaneous healing, I’ve learned that oftentimes healing takes A LOT of Jesus and sometimes a lot of time. If we are to have God heal us, we are also to stop “scratching and picking”, completely surrender, and trust His process even if it feels uncomfortable and painful during moment. God doesn’t need our help when it comes to His healing however it looks like or how long it takes.

It’s never our responsibility to give ourselves a time frame that requires God’s timing in healing nor compare our healing to others.

Jesus assures us throughout His word that in Him, there WILL be complete healing and restoration (Revelation 21:4-5). It could be in this life or in eternity. If God has healed and restored you, HALLELUJAH! However, if you’re in the middle of what seems like a long, daunting, painfully slowly healing process thinking, “Clearly, I should be healed from this by now.” Keep trusting and surrendering to God. Relief may seem out of reach for the moment but if we are still, trusting, and loving God in the midst of it of the pain, it will surely be worth the wait.


  1. liftedwoman

    Love how you compared the healing of how spiritual wounds to our spiritual wounds. You’re so right, sometimes it just takes time. We can sometimes get in our own way when we don’t
    accept and submit to God’s timing.

    • LindseyCapron

      Thank you so much for checking this out, Dana. It’s a struggle that God and I have been working on together; trusting the healing process no matter how long or painful.


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