Turks and Caicos: More Than A Vacation

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Lifestyle, Travel

This blog post is DEFINITELY overdue as traveling has been keeping me busy lately. It’s almost been a week since my phenomenal stay in Turks and Caicos Island for 14 days and I can say that I left ENTIRELY different from the way I came in. I’ll even call it life changing.

Originally, my trip to Turks and Caicos Island was an awesome way for my husband and I to get away, take a much-needed break from everything, and reconnect with family on his side. While we did enjoy family, the sights, and beautiful turquoise beaches, God showed up and revealed Himself to me in various ways that shook the very core of my soul. It became more of an intense spiritual retreat than a vacation.

God’s Strength, MAJOR loving conviction and correction, and a renewed sense of purpose was taught, sharpened, and instilled into me as I had time to really focus and learn more about Him. I could certainly go on and on about all the wonderful things that I’ve learned and discovered. However, Here are 2 KEY things that shook and had me so messed up in the most awesome and profound way that must be shared.

Knowing and Leaving Behind Your Spiritual Lineage Is Important

When reading the bible, I’ll admit that I’ve always taken that portion of scripture: “The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” for granted. While I considered it vital and good information to have when reading, I’ve never truly gotten the importance of it. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all set a solid and pretty secure spiritual foundation for their family and passed it along to their families in order to live a blessed and purposeful life. I’ve also discovered that in early Jewish culture, it was important that they knew their spiritual lineage and where they came from in order to trace all the way back to Adam.

In my husband’s family, almost everyone at least 2 generations back on BOTH sides of his parents’ family are saved and have a relationship with Christ. Today, they’re still maintaining and fortifying a solid spiritual foundation and paving the way for the upcoming and future generation to walk in. You may not be able to trace your spiritual lineage all the way back to Adam. You may be just building your foundation today. What I do know is that what you do spiritually and leave behind for your family sets the course for future generations down the line. After learning this, it me ask myself, “What kind of spiritual lineage and inheritance am I leaving behind?”

Walk In Your Purpose (Even If Unknown) With Joyful Anticipation

This lesson was HUGE and also convicting for me as I’ve been struggling badly with this for MONTHS. I know that God has a purpose for me and VERY SLOWLY am I starting to discover what it looks like yet it still feels unknown. Though the purpose and path that God has me on still seems to be shrouded in mystery, I’m still admonished to trust God and walk. I’m not to just walk with a grim countenance filled with anxiety and worry. I’m to walk with The Lord in joyful anticipation.

The words “joyful anticipation” is where I felt the most conviction because I know that I can have a frustrated and oftentimes resigned attitude especially if the path to where I’m supposed to walk opens up painfully slow or its blocked. If The Lord knows ALL things especially where we’re going and how long it will take to get there even when we can not see, we should have no reason to worry.

I’ve realized that in much of our worry should be diminished simply because God knows what He’s doing. The good, bad, ugly, seemingly haphazard, and unknown will all work out ULTIMATELY for our good (Romans 8:28) and we can anticipate not just here on earth but also in heaven the joy and other gifts that He will bring in our journey.

Turks and Caicos Island was truly a MAJOR blessing that had my spiritual cup overflowing. I’ll even speak for my husband on this occasion and say that his cup was overflowing too. God refreshed and recharged me teaching me do everything from now on with a sense of purpose. Vacations are always awesome to go on. I strongly encourage you that the next time you pack and embark and your next getaway, make sure to pack all that you need but ALWAYS make sure to bring Jesus with you.


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