When The Husband’s Away, This Wife Will PRAY

by | Sep 28, 2019 | Daily Faith

This weekend, my husband is away in Virginia to go to a friend’s wedding. I’m left here in Florida to my vices which thankfully isn’t too crazy. 

 It’s unusual not having my husband around for a few days after spending nearly every day with him for almost two years. Newlyweds, right? It feels like half of me is missing. 

How misleading is it to pull into my front yard (since we don’t have much of a driveway) to see my husband’s truck in the yard but forgetting he’s not home? Or to feel the bed much more spacious (which isn’t too bad) but very lonely at the same time?

 I do miss my best friend. The house feels so empty without him. However, I do find this time alone to a great blessing.

 In my time alone and feeling a little lonely, I can return to my FIRST TRUE LOVE: JESUS. It reminds me of the sweet nostalgia of how close Jesus and I were in my single days. Bible reading and study went on for hours. Prayer was always continual.

 I’m alone, but not alone.

 God is tenderly present. Always has been and always will be. Single or Married. 

 During this time alone, God’s Presence highlights my need and desire for Him. I feel prompted to pray and pour my heart out to Him more. I’m directed to pray for my husband deeper, especially. 

 In his absence, I pray for his safety and protection while he comes and goes through the city, and when he comes back home.

I pray that God will have Donovan to be the light to others (friends, family, strangers, etc.) who don’t know God. 

 Here’s a biggie: I pray against the sexual and sensual temptations that may come his way while I’m not with him. The enemy is sly and will use every trick and opportunity to divide a marriage, especially one rooted in God. 

 Knowing this, I highly encourage all wives to keep praying for their husbands, whether they’re home or away. 

 Your prayers will not only bring heaven to earth with the sweet communion and strength between you and God’s relationship but will send valuable spiritual reserves and blessing to the one that has your heart. 

 Some wives hang out with friends, friends, or go out when the husband is gone. Some may have a spa day at home or binge watch Netflix with a tub of ice cream (that’s not a bad idea). 

 While all that sounds fabulous, I’m certain about this: Whether my man is home or away (especially away), his wife is going to pray.


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