Word Theme For 2020: TRUST

by | Jan 2, 2020 | Daily Faith

Happy New Year, everyone!

2020 is officially here!

Are you one to make New Year resolutions? I’m definitely not. They don’t seem to work for me for some reason.

However, coming into this new day, month, year, even decade, God has given me a word/theme that has been closely following me in the final days of 2019 and setting the tone for how I live and relate to Him in this new year.


More specifically, trusting even MORE in God.

If I can be transparent, my trust in God faltered quite a bit in 2019. Around this time last year, my expectation of God was less than stellar as I was struggling with the disappointments, failures, and hardships of the past 2 years.

It was hard for me to trust Him while watching circumstances in life steadily get worse instead of better. Trusting was also hard when God’s path and plans felt like it was shrouded in mystery or confusion with every step taken.

Yet, in 2020, God is commanding me to take my trust Him in HIGHER anyhow.

I’m going into 2020 learning that “trust” is a relational word.

When it comes to human relationships, trust is so fragile because of our deeply flawed nature. It take a so long to build but can be shattered in a instant in the state of our fickle, unstable imperfectness.

However, God who is perfect, firm, solid, and never changes is NOT flawed.

Oh, how often am I guilty treating God as if HE DOES change and that trusting Him in the midst of uncertainty or pain is less than deserving.

God is commanding me trust Him. So, I’m going to take another brave leap of faith and TRUST HIM deeper.

As it stands, I have no clue what this year will bring. There are even still some tumultuous circumstances that followed me from 2019.

But I’m going to trust God knows what’s best even though my impossible circumstances scream for a solution. This also means trusting Him even when it seems unreasonable. Trust God that even in His silence, He still hears my prayers.

A heart completely leaning on and trusting in God, the rock of our salvation (2 Sam. 22:47) is a rejoicing and peaceful heart in the midst of fierce changes.

“…My heart TRUSTED in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart greatly rejoices…” (Psalm 28:7)

How will you be trusting in the Lord in this NEW season and year? Love to read your thoughts. Comment below. 

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